Call for Participation: General Assembly of the FFDN

The FDN Federation will hold its upcoming General Assembly in May, in western France. Besides the formal Assembly, it's mostly an opportunity for all non-profit ISPs of the Federation to meet, present their projects, and discuss.

We would like to invite other DIY ISPs or community networks, so that they can share their experience.

The FDN Federation supports RiseUp : « security is not a crime »

We took the initiative to reblog this text from Riseup's website. The FDN Federation supports this. It's about criminalizing the security practices of RiseUp as part of a criminal investigation in Spain.
Today, they come for email providers…tomorrow, they will come for us.

La Fédération FDN soutient RiseUp : « security is not a crime »

Nous nous permettons de republier cet article paru sur le site de Riseup. La Fédération FDN y apporte son soutien. Il s'agit de la criminalisation des pratiques de protection/sécurité de Riseup, dans le cadre d'une enquête judiciaire en Espagne.
Aujourd'hui, ils viennent pour les fournisseurs d'e-mails … demain, ils viendront pour nous.