Who are we?

Members of the FDN Federation are Non-Profit Internet Service Providers sharing common values: volunteer-based, solidarity-driven, democratic and non-profit working; defense and promotion of Net neutrality.

As such, the FDN Federation aims at making its members be heard in debates about freedom of speech and Net Neutrality.

It provides its members with tools to grow and address issues surrounding their missions as Internet Service Providers.

Why minding about telecom regulation?

One of the main activity of our federation is to get involved into telecom regulation ; mainly by dealing with ARCEP to get conditions for us (but not only) to operate properly.

It may seem something very obscure to you, and it may seem not to concern you directly ; especially since telecom regulation is about law and technics and this is far from being within everyone's reach. However, it is something quite important, for the Internet users that we are. It is actually essential to take an interest in this rather strange thing that telecom regulation is.

European Governments Seek Greater Oligopolization of Telecom Infrastructures

3 October 2017 - In March, more than 31 European Community Networks (CNs) wrote an open letter to EU policy-makers, stressing the need for an adaptation of the European legal framework aimed at helping these citizen-driven initiatives flourish, thus supporting alternative, democratic and sustainable ways to meet the goals of broadband policies. But rather than opening the door to a much-needed diversification of the telecom ecosystem, European governments only seek to reinforce the dominant positions of incumbent players. As the EU gets closer to a deal over the future of European telecom regulation, the EU Parliament must resist the pressure and reaffirm its commitment to the public interest.

Response to the BEREC consultation about the draft report on IP-Interconnection practices in the context of Net-Neutrality

We responded to the consultation opened by BEREC about the draft report on IP-Interconnection practices in the context of Net-Neutrality.


Revue de presse

[01net] Un opérateur associatif va proposer de la fibre optique pour la première fois à des particuliers

Grâce à une campagne de financement participatif, le FAI Illyse sera en mesure de raccorder début 2019 des abonnés grand public en FttH dans le département de la Loire.
[…] Illyse va maintenant pouvoir mettre en place une infrastructure de collecte et raccorder ses premiers abonnés début 2019. […]

C’est une victoire pour les FAI associatifs qui se plaignent de ne pouvoir accéder en général à une offre activée bon marché comme c’est le cas avec l’ADSL et le réseau cuivre d’Orange.

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