International relationship

We are hosting an English-speaking mailing list, whose goal is to foster exchange of knowledge between DIY ISPs. Whether you would like to share your experience at building an ISP or just keep in touch with similar projects, feel free to subscribe: diy-isp mailing list.


Having one ISP growing ever and ever (FDN, for instance) would inevitably lead to a centralized and deshumanized inner working. That's why we found it was better to decentralize the way we work by swarming. Basically, it means that there are ten local ISPs, instead of a single ISP ten times bigger.

The Federation currently gathers more than 20 local ISPs in France (and soon in Belgium!), some very small, some starting to gain weight.

Cartography of DIY ISPs

We developped a tool to map FFDN members, and, by extension DIY ISPs from around the world.

Click on the map to accessive the interactive cartography tool.
Known DIY ISP projects