General Assembly of the FFDN, year 2015

The FDN Federation holds its General Assembly every year, around May. It is the opportunity for all ISPs of the Federation to meet, exchange, and work on common projects.

This year, we want to open our General Assembly to other DIY ISPs from around the world. If you are interested to come and make a presentation or workshop (in English or French), see the Call for Participation below.

The General Assembly will take place from Thursday, 7 May 2015 to Sunday, 10 May 2015. This long week-end is in fact a bank holiday in France.

We are interested in presentations by other DIY ISPs and community networks! See the Call for Participation here: https://www.ffdn.org/en/article/2015-02-01/call-participation-general-assembly-ffdn

Of course, you are free to come without giving any presentation, there will be plenty of time for informal discussion anyway :)

In any case, contact us at ffdn2015@ffdn.org if you've planned to attend.

The schedule is yet to be decided, but events will probably start on Friday. The formal General Assembly (in French) will happen on Saturday afternoon.

The event will take place in a lovely place by a lake, not far from Cholet, in Western France.

Address: La Grande Guinchelière, La Tessoualle, France

Exact location: http://osm.org/go/eq58L_JP?layers=Q&m= (GPS: 47.03121542930603 ; -0.8359265327453613)

This is just a few kilometers away from Cholet: if you arrive in Cholet, get in touch so that somebody will fetch you.

TODO: check if there are some bus.

On the A87 highway, take exit number 27, direction La Tessoualle. Once you are in La Tessoualle, take the “Rue du lac” (D200), and turn left after about 2 kilometers.

There is a train station in Cholet, which is near the center of Cholet.

The closest airport is in Nantes. You can then take the train to Cholet.

Accommodation and food will be provided at a fair price, but please contact us in advance so that we can plan enough for everybody!

More information to come.

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