FDN Federation against the expected administrative blockage in the Terrorism bill.

FDN Federation is against the blocking administrative provision in the bill "Terrorism" presented by Bernard Cazeneuve, Minister of Home Affairs.
As a gathering of non-profit Internet Service Providers (ISP), committed to the defense and promotion of net neutrality, the Federation denounces a measure that is:
  • counter-productive: easy to circumvent, it will also  generate the proliferation of Internet content (Streisand effect);
  • with serious consequences on the quality of the network and its development: investments in the equipment necessary to censorship will not be made elsewhere;
  • undemocratic : administrative blocking without judicial review, in violation of the separation of powers, on a unilateral decision of the executive power;
Julien Rabier, Vice President of the Federation, said that "the neutrality of the network is a prerequisite for respect for fundamental rights, including freedom of expression and free access to information. Direct censorship, without adversarial proceedings emanating from the administration is aberrant in a country that calls itself democratic."
Among its members, some like Ilico dicides to disobey such a provision if it were to be passed as it is : http://www.ilico.org/2014/09/non-au-blocage-administratif/
"The Federation invites every citizen to intervene with the elected; MPs first, to set out the dangers of this provision and promote its amendment or rejection during the exam session beginning September 15." Concludes Oriane Piquer-Louis, Vice President.
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About the FDN Federation

Members of the FDN Federation are Non-Profit Internet Service Providers sharing common values: volunteer-based, solidarity-driven, democratic and non-profit working; defense and promotion of Net neutrality. As such, the FDN Federation aims at making its members be heard in debates about freedom of speech and Net Neutrality. It provides its members with tools to grow and address issues surrounding their missions as Internet Service Providers.