Il s'agit d'une application maison en Flask, dont le code est ici :

Ça se passe sur hermes, dans le dossier /home/ffdn-db/ffdn-db. Il faut éditer directement la base de données SQLite :

hermes:/home/ffdn-db/ffdn-db# sqlite3 ffdn-db.sqlite
sqlite> update isp set is_ffdn_member = 1 where id == '35';
sqlite> select is_ffdn_member from isp where id == '35';
 sqlite3 /home/ffdn-db/ffdn-db/ffdn-db.sqlite
 select json from isp where id=42;
 update isp set json='{"website": "", "subscriberCount": 1000, "name": "Kansas City Freedom Network", "chatrooms": ["irc://"], "progressStatus": 7, "coordinates": {"latitude": 39.13, "longitude": -94.55}, "mainMailingList": "", "coveredAreas": [{"technologies": ["wifi"], "name": "Kansas City, MO"}], "logoURL": "", "shortname": "KCFN", "email": "", "description": "qmp/bmx based city-wide wireless network owned by a diverse array of local nonprofits and individuals"}' where id=42;
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