The FDN Federation organizes its operational work in working groups, designated by the General Assembly. Currently, the FDN Federation has six groups.

Telecom regulation
This group is responsible for analyzing documents submitted for consultation by ARCEP and BEREC. It aims to provide good conditions for the development of small ISPs in the telecom market in France and Europe.

The purpose of this group is to provide reasonable conditions for FDN Federation's ISPs to operate on fiber networks.

This group analyzes the legal texts and draws conclusions in terms of the legal obligations of the operators, in accordance with the values ​​of the Federation.

Knowledge diffusion
This group is responsible for producing educational content in the broad sense for members of the Federation, but also for everyone who would like to learn about how an ISP works (and why make their own!).

This group ensures the regular distribution of news within the Federation by member providers.

Welcoming new members
The group is in charge of getting in touch with the associations applying to join the Federation, and to support them.

There is also a group that deals with system administration and maintenance of technical tools in general (website, mailing lists, etc.).